Swinglift Transport Service is a specialist in ground level pickup or delivery of conex containers, conex boxes and sea crates alike. We offer driver or passenger side loading for loaded or empty container transport. With offices based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee we are able service cities all across the United States

Our swinglift trucks are equipped with the ability to weigh your export containers as required by SOLAS rules. As an added benefit we are also local port and rail service UIIA certified members.

Loaded Lifting

Swinglift Transport's unique lift system can do the work no other container transport company in Dallas can. Our self-loading semi-trailer lifts your loaded container and places it at ground level or on a flatbed/chassis. This eliminates the need for heavy fork lifts or cranes. Side loaders do not damage the ground surface as is seen with the traditional method of sliding and dragging a container on and off. This also eliminates the cracking of concrete commonly associated with dropping the container on the ground. Additionally, contents experience minimal shifting due to the container not being tilted or dropped.


  • 70,000lbs Max Capacity
  • Does not require forklifts
  • Level lifting minimizes content shifting
  • Less ground damage


Our unique swinglift system allows us to easily and quickly transfer storage containers to or from flat bed trailers or chassis for easy loading and unloading of contents. Our last mile service provides a great solution for any logistics company's need to swing containers after a long-distance OTR (over-the-road) or rail event.


Double stacking loaded or empty ISO containers is made quick and easy by our sidelifter trucks, saving you both time and valuable storage space at your location.